A photovoltaic shingle that perfectly integrates with shingle roofs
Photovoltaic shingles

Tegole Fotovoltaiche

Tegosolar® is a photovoltaic roof cover with all the advantages of photovoltaic systems and shingles, with which it integrates perfectly.

For those situations where the installation of photovoltaic panels is impossible

Tegosolar® is a photovoltaic shingle with the advantages of normal shingles, with which it integrates perfectly. Tegosolar offers high architectural standards in many settings where it would be “impossible” to fit traditional photovoltaic panels.
Tegosolar®’s various traits – namely its slim design, flexibility and light weight – make it a winning choice for many roof types, both on new builds and renovations, on buildings for residential, commercial and public use, as well as on industrial buildings.

The photovoltaic cells produce electricity

The Tegosolar® photovoltaic cells are made of triple-junction thin-film amorphous silicon: each cell absorbs the blue, green and red light in the solar spectrum through its 3 separate layers.
In this way, the PV cells convert a broader spectrum of light into electricity than traditional modules, as they produce energy with direct light as well as in diffused light conditions, namely when the sun is low, when the sky is cloudy and when cells are installed where orientation and angle are less than optimal.


The cells

Bypass diodes between the cells allow the module to produce energy even when it is partially in the shade, unlike traditional modules that would lose power from all cells connected in series, and not just from the cell affected by shade. They offer excellent performance at high temperatures, a quality that makes them particularly suitable for roof-mounted applications. They do not require rear ventilation. They have a greater output in kWh of electricity produced per installed Watt (up to 20% more) than many other types of PV module on the market. When they reach the end of their service life, modules are easy to dispose of thanks to the PV Cycle scheme.



Tegola Canadese has a wide range and complete range of accessories for the application of its tiles, for a perfect finishing of the details to guarantee the quality of the roof


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