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Living comfort in basement rooms

isolamento fondazioni

TEFOND PRO is the complete solution for the protection and insulation of earth retaining foundation walls: it features a TEGOTHERM XPS insulating component and a draining component with a thickness of 10 mm, and special draining geotextile. It’s easy and quick to install, providing proper insulation of underground walls.

Foundation insulation: Tefond Pro ensures

Thermal insulation

of basement rooms;

Drainage of meteoric water

preventing it from reaching the underground walls;


between the insulating board and the earth-retaining wall, therefore allowing the underground wall to also breath from the outside.

Tefond Pro has been manufactured in sizes designed to protect and insulate the full height of the earth-retaining wall with a single panel, without any horizontal joints.

Installation is quick and easy, with a technically perfect end result.
Tefond Pro has an appropriate system that protects the drainage pipe from possible soil infiltration.

Thanks to the high performance thermal insulation and the elimination of mould and bad smells caused by the humidity that forms on uninsulated and unventilated earth-retaining walls, with Tefond Pro basement rooms can be efficiently upgraded.

Tefond Pro significantly improves the living comfort and well-being of basement rooms.

Tefond PRO is a prefabricated board ready for use

Composition of the Tefond PRO board

1- XPS extruded smooth skin polystyrene board, thickness 50 mm, λd=0.034 W/mK and RD=1.45 m2K/W, with extremely good insulating properties, high compression strength, negligible water absorption and dimensional stability in all temperature and humidity conditions. The boards have male-female rebated edges for perfect interlocking. On the side touching the wall, these boards feature grooves running vertically to allow for the ventilation of underground walls even on the outward-facing side, thus eliminating moisture and condensation.

2. Small HDPE dimpled membrane with 10 mm draining thickness offering a vertical drainage capacity of 3.5 l/m.s; the draining layer has high compression strength (400 kPa) and is coupled with technical geotextile that allows the flow of water but prevents the passage of soil. The dimpled membrane with geotextile protrudes vertically in relation to the XPS board:

3. at the top by 15 cm to facilitate top sealing using the TEFOND PROFILE, or for joining with the building external wall insulation;
4. at the bottom by 20 cm, to wrap and protect the drainage pipe.

5. At the base of TEOFOND PRO is a further drainage geotextile to wrap the drainage pipe, preventing it from clogging over time.

A complete insulation and drainage system that ensures living comfort in basement rooms

Ventilation of underground walls

The top dimpled membrane selvedge with geotextile covers the top of the XPS board. It’s mechanically attached to the vertical wall, protected by the capping profile, fixed with nails. This prevent water infiltration between the wall and the XPS panel

Drainage system

Detail of the draining surface created by the 8 mm thick dimpled HDPE membrane coated with DuPont® geotextile

Integration with the building insulation

Tefond Pro has been conceived for quick and safe integration with the building external wall insulation, therefore ensuring thermal insulation continuity and reducing thermal bridging.

Wall fastening

The backs of the Tefond Pro boards are spot glued to the foundation supports using BITUSTICK, foams or similar, and interlocked to each other thanks to the rebated male-female interlocking edges.

Board sealing

The vertical joints of the boards are sealed using “Tefond Tape” to prevent soil infiltration, which over time would clog the drainage pipe.

Drainage pipe protection

Also, the Tefond Pro protruding drainage geotextile must be sealed with “Tefond Tape” before using it to protect the drainage pipe.

Efficient water drain system

During the installation, a support of at least 5 cm is created at the floor extrados, to support Tefond Pro. The drainage pipe must be placed on a soil base approximately 15 cm from the board support. The pipe will therefore lean on the bottom selvedge covered with the “Typar DuPont®” drainage geotextile installed at the base of the Tefond Pro board.

Board sealing

External corner: the wall is finished by cutting the Tefond Pro board (ref. A) and making it protrude from the wall by 6 cm. The next wall is then started with a whole board (ref. B), placed by board A. The corner must then be protected using 2 Tefond Tape lengths, applied as per the figure. Internal corner: cut the male of the insulating board and place the board (ref. C) by the wall. Remove 6 cm of drainage membrane from this board. Place board D near board C, at the area where the drainage membrane has been removed. Lastly, seal the drainage sheets with Tefond Tape.

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