TegoDeck Roofing Board
Roof covering

The board for the construction of the roof supporting structure: quick, easy and safe.

It improves the rigidity of the roof: it reinforces the structure of the roof by connecting the supporting trusses together, therefore increasing the load-bearing capacity and reducing the effects of dynamic loads (wind and earthquake) on the roof structure. It improves sound insulation: it reduces outdoor and impact noise (rain, hailstones). It absorbs expansions: in order to absorb expansions due to humidity variations, standard OSB boards must be installed with a 2 mm gap between them. With TegoDeck Roofing Board, this is automatic thanks to the joint system. Protection: it makes the roof suitable for foot traffic, both during construction works and for subsequent maintenance activities. Resistance: the interlocking board has good resistance to the penetration of insects and rodents inside the roof. Stability: ideal base for easy installation of the roof covering, roof windows, skylights, vents, etc. Safety: the ideal base for all mechanically fastened or torch-on application roofs.




Unique combination of “L” and male-female interlocking joints with integrated 2 mm expansion gap.

Easy and quick installation thanks to the “fold in & slide” or “plug in & slip” system. A slight compensation for rafter vertical level differences is also possible.

It allows for a continuous installation, thanks to the male-female self-supporting joint on the short side of the board


Cost and time savings

The shortest installation times when compared with traditional OSB boards translates into installation savings up to 30%.

No further H hooks are required on the horizontal “L” joint.

Joints are possible not just at the supporting rafters, but at all positions, minimizing waste and board cutting activities.



High board load-bearing capacity and rigidity.

Humidity-resistant glued joints. Considered safe for a concentrated 100 kg man weight load between beams at distances up to 600 mm, in compliance with EN 12871 standards.

Strength stability from the second row of boards installed, until the complete installation of the whole roof.



Reduced 60 cm board width for safe handling and easy transport to the roof. TegoDeck Roofing Board can be transported by one single person.

Thanks to the reduced weight of approximately 12 kg, the board can be transported and installed by one single person.

The low package weight allows the temporary storage on the roof structure.

TegoDeck Roofing Board principles

TegoDeck Roofing Board is the ergonomic solution for quick and safe roof installation. The special shaping on the edges is designed for continuous, quick and precise laying to form the rigid roof deck.

There are two ways to take advantage of the board interlocking edges: 

  • Fold in & slide

The first option for ensuring easy installation is to tilt the “L” joint of the long side of the board and simply slide the board in the right position. This automatically creates a 2 mm expansion gap at the edge of the profile.

  • Fold in & slip

The second option is to insert the male and female joints on the short side of the board and then lower the board. This automatically creates a 2 mm expansion gap.

“Roof systems” with TegoDeck Roofing Boards

TEGODECK Roofing Boards are ideal for use in “latest generation ventilated roof” and “Certi-Roof” installations, due to their characteristics, which perfectly match the construction concepts of these Tegola Canadese systems. The object is to offer roofs with high technological performance levels in terms of quality and duration of waterproof and thermal insulation properties, to ensure the living comfort of the spaces below the roof itself.

Latest generation ventilated roof

tetto ventilato

ventilated roof






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