Professional roof components

For those who take pride in a job well done, for roofs that are the top in terms of comfort and duration

Roof structure and laying surface boards and battens

Tegola Canadese offers a wide range of roof construction battens and boards of different materials, including the exclusive TegoDeck Roofing Board, the ergonomic solution for a quick and safe roof, thanks to the shaped edges that enable continuous quick and precise laying to form the roof’s rigid deck.

Screens and breathable membranes

Tegola Canadese offers a complete range of screens and breathable membranes for the management of vapour in both hot and ventilated roofs. When designing the roof, the sizing of the insulation, the calculation of the dew point and the consequential use of vapour stops or barriers are critical issues that require the utmost attention, and that can be resolved using the most suitable materials.


Underlays have the important function of temporarily protecting the roof during construction. However, they also become a further waterproofing layer after the roof has been completed. The selection of the underlay must be based on the structure (timber, concrete, etc.), the roof slope and the specific climate conditions. For this reason, Tegola Canadese has conceived a full range of strong non-slip products with the necessary characteristics to ensure technically perfect roofs.

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