Discover all the shingle accessories

Metal shingles

Prestige ridges

Prestige snow stop

Ekobit 200 20cm
for Elite starter course

for valleys

Metal shingles for trim

Compact sealing

AISI 304 stainless steel broad-headed nails with improved grip

Special vents

Granule-coated shingles

Prepainted sheet metal snow stops in grey or brown

Extra-grip galvanized nails Galvanized nails
with broad head and improved grip

Special vent in black and brown

Standard vent in black

Vents and accessories


Safety Valley
Granule-surfaced bitumen membrane for valleys

Safety Plast Color
Membrana bituminosa granigliata colorata

Application accessories

Aluminum mesh

Dust-proof primer
solvent based or water based

Safety mastic adhesive in 5 kg tin or 280 ml Bitustick cartridge

Under-tile membranes for temporary protection
of the cover.

Bitumen-Polymer Waterproofing Membranes for
flame tile application


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