Asphalt shingles

The expression of the captivating and functional design of Tegola Canadese


Prestige shingles, with their copper finish, make an extraordinarily effective roofing product in the renovation of historical buildings. They are also design elements in their own right, allowing for the most original design solutions. Made from copper and available in three shapes – Compact, Elite and Traditional – they provide plenty of scope for creative interpretation.

Prestige Ultimetal

Prestige Ultimetal shingles: perfect for producing standout roofs in any country. Made from a special prepainted alloy combining aluminium and special metals, with excellent oxidation and corrosion resistance – enabling them to stay as new for an impressively long time – available in 6 colours: Slate, Natural, Bronze, Gold, Verdigris and Corten.

Master Coppo

The terracotta pantile is a distinctive feature in Italian architectural tradition. Master Coppo is an indispensable solution in today’s urban redevelopment projects involving the salvaging of old buildings, which call for a light touch.


The Master line is designed to produce roofs with an attractive “natural” effect thanks to the covering produced by combining overlapping layers, with eight colour options to choose from in wide-ranging shades.

Premium line

Extraordinary colour nuances, perfect for taking any roof project to the next level. The extensive choice of shapes in the Premium series allows designers to find the style that fits in best with the building’s setting or the architectural flavour they plan to represent: from the classic to contemporary modern.

Euro Polymeric Shingles line

Developed in the IWIS laboratories with an APP polymer-modified bitumen for improved strength and longevity. Their inherent top quality is complemented by a unique look featuring shapes exclusive to Tegola Canadese.

“Green” shingles

Developed in the IWIS research labs with the express purpose of achieving unbeatable performance in combining the primary functions of any roof – namely insulation and waterproof protection from the outside environment – with benefits for that same environment.


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