A smog-eating shingle

tegola anti-smog

Photocatalytic shingle that uses sunlight to convert smog into salts that are harmless for us and for the environment.

Acti Roof photocatalytic shingle

The Acti Roof photocatalytic shingles from Tegola Canadese are the perfect solution for producing beautiful, functional roofs with unique qualities:


Convert pollutants into non-toxic salts.


Contain water-repellent granules to help stop soiling substances sitting on the roof.


Have properties that discourage vegetation growth and reduce the number of bacteria and algae that can often form on roofs.

A real “active roof” that reduces air pollution

Our R&D efforts have culminated in “Acti Roof”, actual shingles with a photocatalytic surface that uses sunlight to convert smog into salts that are harmless for humans and for the environment. Acti Roof “smog-eating” shingles exploit the ability of titanium dioxide – an appropriate amount of which is added to the product and activated by the sun’s rays – to react on contact with nitrogen oxide particles (that make up smog), absorb them and subsequently release them in the form of harmless salts, which are then washed off the roof with rainwater in negligible concentrations. Acti-Roof’s photocatalytic effect remains unchanged for the duration of the roof’s life.

Pollutants in the atmosphere (NOx) come into contact with the roof's surfaces and settle on it.

The sun (UV radiation) activates the titanium dioxide (TiO2), which triggers a photocatalysis process that effectively converts pollutants into harmless salts (nitrates and carbonates, NO3).

Rainwater then washes these salts off the roof, with average concentrations far below the legal limits set for drinking water.




EN 544


125 g/m2


10,70 kg/m2

Coverage per bundle

3,05 m2


100×34 cm

Tab adhesion

Heat-activated adhesive slotted bands


AR Grey

AR Green

AR Blue

Acti Roof shingles, the solution for city problems


Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) is the element with the most harmful effects on human health.
Nitrogen oxides are generated during combustion processes that take place in motor vehicles (cars, trucks, ships, etc.), in industry, in heating buildings, in producing energy, etc. The concentration of these gases reaches high levels of pollution above all in metropolitan areas and NOx gases are also responsible for acid rain, the greenhouse effect and global warming.


Tegola Canadese’s ACTI ROOF shingles are unique in that they feature “photocatalytic” granules incorporating Titanium Dioxide (TiO2). This substance is activated by the sun’s UV radiation and triggers an oxidation process that converts pollutants in the atmosphere that come into contact with the roof’s surfaces (NO – NOX – CO etc.) into harmless salts (Nitrates and carbonates), which are subsequently washed off the roof by rainwater with average concentrations far below the legal limits set for drinking water.


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