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Tegola Canadese
roof products and systems

A roof with an original design, featuring colours and shapes that enhance the architecture of the building, while providing many technical advantages such as light weight, long-term colour resistance, resistance to weather conditions, ease of installation, no need for maintenance. These are the reasons for choosing a Tegola Canadese roof. Six ranges of shingles for all aesthetic needs: shapes, colours and technological materials devised to better meet the different design needs of architects.

New patented thermo-adhesive points for asphalt shingles

Tegola Canadese introduces the new thermo-adhesive points, a patented innovation that improves the performances of our asphalt
shingles. Watch the video and find out how they are able to guarantee:



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The lava flows gives us the hardness of basalt. After undergoing an extremely high temperature ceramic-coating treatment, followed by vitrification of the granule surface, the colour becomes fully resistant to weather conditions and light. With Actiroof the granules are also photocatalytic and capable of neutralizing smog. Tegosolar photovoltaic shingles are unique surfaces that fully integrate with other shingles. Last but not least, metal shingles complete the range. Materials, colours and shapes come together in an array of creative and original designs, giving life to “simple” interpretations that make the most of the contemporary roof.

Tegola Sistemi

Efficient and simple solutions for trouble-free design and execution

Tegola Canadese showcases its knowledge in roofing and foundation systems by offering to the professionals of the sector systems consisting of products conceived for the best results, implementing simple and efficient installation methods. Vivo Roof, a blossoming green roof system, fully compliant with all regulations. A perfect combination of design, energy efficiency and roof amenity spaces in urban areas, offering suitable solutions for any kind of project. Certi-Roof: a roof system certified for reaction to fire, as well as heat and sound insulation performance. A light, insulated and ventilated roof that can be built by implementing a simple, reliable and certified building technology. Latest generation ventilated roof: a roofing system that breathes, to fight both heat and cold. The air flow keeps the structure healthy, with a temperature abatement of up to 10 °C. Tefond System: A “foundation” system for comfortable living in basement rooms, that fights humidity, heat dispersion and radon gases from the subsoil.

Innovation in Building

Roof systems

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Thermal insulation

For the well-being of the home and improved energy performance

From the single home to skyscrapers, large commercial dwellings and industrial plants, insulating products greatly improve the quality of living spaces and the life of the people that enjoy them. The great energy saving challenge extends to the research labs of the IWIS Group, in order to offer the widest range for the individual situations, mostly aimed at ensuring utmost energy efficiency with lower thicknesses, implementing production processes that are just as respectful of the environment.


Waterproofing polymer bitumen membranes

Safety is an iconic trademark, nowadays made using a latest generation compound: revisited specific mixes that meet the needs of the building sector, both for mild and hot climates, and the colder regions. Safety membranes, the brand on which waterproofing experts can rely to ensure the success of their work in terms of product quality, sales logistics and management, support and training.


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